{Double} Chocolate & Cherry Porridge – A Mother’s Day or Easter Breakfast Treat

food to glow

chocolate-porridge-oatmeal-food-to-glow terrible phone photo – sorry

In households up and down the land, children are up to something. Hiding a spilt Ribena stain – perhaps; red pen marks on their homework – most assuredly. But no doubt they are also deciding what they can surprise their mum with for Mother’s Day.*chocolate-porridge-oatmeal-food-to-glow

We mums can usually bank on a gorgeous homemade card (schools are good that way) as well as something fashioned from twists of paper and day-goo pipe cleaners. But breakfast, that can often be a bit, well, interesting. Why not save them – and you – the grief of attempting scrambled eggs or flipping pancakes. Why not hint that you really quite fancy this fantastically easy double(!) chocolate & cherry porridge by handing them a red pen and asking them to ring all of the speling mistackes. It is ezily doubled for the whole family.

This is of course also perfect for a chocolatey Easter breakfast, or really…

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