How to Memorize a New Alphabet


Answerby André Mülleron Quora.

I memorized over 23 writing systems so far, starting from those very similar to Latin, like Cyrillic or Greek, over quite distinct ones like Arabic or Devanagari or Tibetan, up to quite foreign scripts like Burmese, Thai or (some) Chinese and Egyptian. I even learned Tengwar (you know, the Elvish script)! And I find it very easy to learn new ones…

I don’t have a special trick for it, but these procedures might be helpful to you:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the system of writing. Not just with the letter shapes but with the way the alphabet is used. There are different ways. Some are based on syllables, some are based on consonants and vowels, some only write consonants and long vowels, others write vowels on top of the consonants, some connect their letters, some stack them in blocks, others do it differently again…

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